A Night of New Beginnings: CIS-BCCI Celebrates Leadership with President’s Night 2023

On December 14th, 2023, the Commonwealth of Independent States-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CIS-BCCI) hosted a momentous President’s Night at Dhaka Club Limited, Dhaka. This gala event marked the official assumption of office by Mr. Mohammad Ali Deen as the new president of CIS-BCCI for the term 2023-2026.

The evening buzzed with excitement as members of the chamber, distinguished guests, and industry leaders gathered to celebrate this transition in leadership. The outgoing president, Mr. Md Habib Ullah Dawn, handed over the reins to Mr. Deen in a symbolic ceremony, acknowledging the chamber’s achievements during the previous term.

In his inaugural address, Mr. Deen outlined his vision for the CIS-BCCI. He emphasized his commitment to strengthening the chamber’s activities and fostering stronger trade ties between Bangladesh and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. He urged collaboration from all stakeholders to achieve this shared goal and expressed his confidence in propelling the private sector’s role in boosting Bangladesh’s export basket to the CIS region.

The President’s Night wasn’t just about formalities. The event provided a platform for networking and building new business connections. Attendees engaged in lively discussions, exploring potential collaborations and forging partnerships that could benefit the Bangladeshi business landscape.

Overall, the President’s Night 2023 served as a successful inauguration for Mr. Deen’s leadership. It instilled optimism for the future of the CIS-BCCI and its endeavors to enhance trade relations between Bangladesh and the CIS countries.

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