Alvi Engineering & Construction Ltd.

Civil engineering, project management, architectural design.

Alvi Engineering & Construction Ltd.

Alvi Engineering & Construction Ltd.

Alvi Engineering & Construction Ltd

About The Alvi Engineering & Construction Ltd.

Alvi Engineering & Construction Ltd (AECL)is dedicated and prepared to become the Top Engineering and construction Company in Bangladesh and for that we offer our clients  great Experience in constrction technology.  AECLstarted its journey in 2000 and now with 20 years of experience and participation in the Real Estate Industry, we are inspired to move forward with our new motto, “Architecting Experience”. 

As a top estate developer and construction company in Bangladesh, AECL has the ambition to offer wellness for all and as such we believe exciting times are coming ahead for us. True to our motto, key values and ambitions, AECL is engaged in multiple numbers of projects aiming to provide Affordable accomodation for all. This is our business policy, and this is what makes us loved by so many!

We like to bring everyone connected with us under one roof, by treating all as our “Partners”. Referring to our Innovative Approaches to achieve Excellence in Design and Construction, High-end Customer Services, and overall Integrity in fair business practice, we ensure to provide one of the best experiences and ecstasy for our “Partners”.

We are careful in every steps of construction from concept to complete, very selective choice of our supplier to deliver best amenities, and ultimately achieve our customer satisfaction. We use software aided virtual complete building with different options through simulation to build our end product.

We prefer to provide best customer service through its every touch point of customer connection. We listen to our customer through our social media presence, excellent sales team, dedicated customer service team and research of customer insights. Our profit, equity and activity is dedicated to satisfy customer for building life time relation.