Alvi Tourist Car Ltd.

Providing luxury and economy car rental services for tourists.

Alvi Tourist Car Ltd

Alvi Tourist Car Ltd

About The Alvi Tourist Car Ltd...

Alvi Tourist Car Ltd is one of the leading car rental service providers in Bangladesh. We provide experienced and professional car hire services in Bangladesh. From expensive luxurious to economy cars – whatever is customer need, we can help them. Time is here to plan for our customers luxurious, comfortable and affordable Best car rental in Bangladesh with Alvi tourist Car Ltd. We strive to get customers  the experience of their life.

We cater car rental service regularly inside terminal building of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport for the travelers towards their destination to anywhere in 64 districts of Bangladesh.Also we cater our tourist car services  for huge projects, embassies, and even in big companies in Bangladesh. You can always rely on our services because that is what we are best at. 

We would never leave customers  unattended. We are there to take them in time, without delays and with a cordial greeting.    We’ll always track customers flight and make adjustments for driver’s arrival time so as to make sure that they don’t have to face any hassle.

Our new, comfortable cars will never leave them tired or exhausted.. Our drivers are skilled at guiding customers in the right direction.  Even if they don’t know the local language, they can expect our driver to know English. We understand it is not easy to communicate in the absence of same language. It is the reason we give much attention to language of our drivers and the entire team.

The moment travelers land, we are there to take them to their desired destination  without any delays.