Bangladesh and CIS Countries Explore Trade Expansion in Textiles and RMG

Textile Minister Ikhom Uthkurovic Khaidarov of Uzbekistan met with a business delegation from the Commonwealth of Independent States-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CIS-BCCI) at the Textile Association in Tashkent. The meeting focused on exploring joint business ventures in Uzbekistan’s exports and imports, particularly in the areas of Ready-Made Garments (RMG) and textile accessories, including silk.

The Bangladeshi delegation, led by Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Monirul Islam, exchanged views with the Uzbek Minister on potential avenues for trade expansion between Bangladesh and CIS countries. This dialogue highlights the growing interest in strengthening trade relations between Bangladesh and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Potential for Collaboration in Textiles

The focus on RMG and textile accessories signifies the potential for collaboration between Bangladesh, a leading apparel exporter, and Uzbekistan, a country with a growing textile industry. Bangladesh’s expertise in garment manufacturing, coupled with Uzbekistan’s textile production capabilities, could pave the way for mutually beneficial joint ventures.

Expanding Trade Horizons

The discussions between the CIS-BCCI delegation and the Uzbek Minister also indicate a broader interest in expanding trade between Bangladesh and CIS countries. This could lead to increased trade flows in various sectors beyond textiles, fostering economic growth and development for both regions.

Looking Ahead

The meeting between the CIS-BCCI delegation and Uzbekistan’s Textile Minister serves as a positive step towards strengthening trade ties between Bangladesh and CIS countries. As both sides explore opportunities for collaboration in textiles and other sectors, the future holds promise for increased economic cooperation and prosperity.

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