CIS-BCCI Board Discusses Strategies for Enhancing Bangladesh-CIS Trade Relations

The Commonwealth of Independent States-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CIS-BCCI) held its 13th Board of Directors meeting on Monday, February 5th, 2024, at 4:00 PM in the CIS-BCCI Conference Room. The meeting, presided over by Mr. Mohammad Ali Deen, President of CIS-BCCI, focused on exploring avenues for strengthening trade ties between Bangladesh and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries.

Key Attendees and Focus:

  • Mr. Mohammad Ali Deen, President, CIS-BCCI (Chair)
  • Mr. Jadab Debnath, Vice President, CIS-BCCI
  • Mr. Mahbub Islam Runu, Honorary Advisor, CIS-BCCI
  • Mr. Sheikh Fayez Alam, Honorary Advisor, CIS-BCCI
  • Board of Directors, CIS-BCCI

The discussions likely centered around identifying and addressing challenges faced by Bangladeshi businesses in entering the CIS markets. This could include topics such as:

  • Streamlining Banking Channels: The reported complexities in financial transactions between Bangladesh and CIS countries might have been a point of discussion.
  • Enhancing Trade Infrastructure: The meeting might have explored opportunities for establishing warehouses and distribution networks to facilitate trade.
  • Promoting Regulatory Cooperation: Discussions could have involved fostering mutual recognition of standards and regulations to ease business conduct.

Looking Ahead:

The CIS-BCCI has played a significant role in fostering trade relations between Bangladesh and CIS nations. This meeting likely served as a platform for the Board to develop a roadmap for overcoming existing hurdles and capitalizing on the vast potential of the CIS market for Bangladeshi exports.

Following the meeting, an official press release from CIS-BCCI might provide further details on the specific actions and strategies planned to achieve these goals.

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