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Alvi Garments Ltd.

Services: Manufacturing and exporting high-quality garments.
Specialties: Fashion apparel, uniforms, custom clothing.

Alvi Tourist Car Ltd.

Services: Providing luxury and economy car rental services for tourists.
Specialties: Chauffeur services, airport transfers, city tours.

Arcadia Airlance Ltd.

Services: Airline services including passenger flights and cargo transportation.
Specialties: Domestic and international flights, air cargo solutions.

Alvi Import & Export Ltd.

Services: Import and export of various goods and commodities.
Specialties: Trade facilitation, customs clearance, global logistics.

Airport Help Service Ltd.

Services: Offering comprehensive assistance at airports.
Specialties: Meet and greet services, baggage handling, special assistance for VIPs and differently-abled individuals.

API Business Corporation.

Services: Business consultancy and corporate services.
Specialties: Market research, business development, financial consulting.

Alvi Agro Green Biotech Ltd.

Services: Agricultural biotechnology solutions and products.
Specialties: Organic farming, biotech research, sustainable agriculture.

Alvi Engineering & Construction Ltd.

Services: Engineering, construction, and infrastructure development.
Specialties: Civil engineering, project management, architectural design.

Alvi Electronics & Appliance Mfg. Ltd.

Services: Manufacturing of electronics and household appliances.
Specialties: Consumer electronics, home appliances, industrial electronics.

Alvi Fashion.

Services: Fashion design and retail.
Specialties: Trendsetting fashion, bespoke tailoring, fashion accessories.

Airport IT Center.

Services: IT solutions and support for airport operations.
Specialties: IT infrastructure, software development, system maintenance.

I-Mart Kenya Ltd.

Services: Retail and e-commerce.
Specialties: Consumer goods, electronics, fashion, groceries.

API Industries Ltd.

Services: Industrial manufacturing and services.
Specialties: Heavy machinery, industrial equipment, manufacturing solutions.

Chicken Express Ltd.

Services: Fast food restaurant chain specializing in chicken dishes.
Specialties:Quick service, quality food, diverse menu offerings.

API Cargo Vision Ltd.

Services:Comprehensive cargo and freight services.
Specialties:Air and sea freight, logistics solutions, supply chain management.

National Business Corporation.

Services: Business and corporate services.
Specialties: Corporate finance, business restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

Keya Taiga (JV) Bangladesh Ltd.

Services: Joint venture for business expansion and development.
Specialties:Joint ventures, international partnerships, business development.

Valvat Galaxy SDN BHD, Malaysia.

Services:International trade and business services.
Specialties:Trade partnerships, import-export solutions, market expansion.

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