Uzbekistan and Bangladesh Seek Strengthened Trade Ties: Deputy Foreign Minister Meets CIS-BCCI

Uzbekistan and Bangladesh are setting their sights on a brighter economic future, as evidenced by a recent meeting between a high-level Uzbek delegation and Bangladeshi business leaders. On May 19th, 2023, Mr. Bakhromjon Aloyev, Deputy Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan, led a delegation to a productive meeting with Mr. Md. Habib Ullah Dawn, President of the Council of Industries & Infrastructures for Bangladesh Cooperation (CIS-BCCI), and his esteemed Board of Directors. Held at the Regency Hotel in Dhaka, the discussions centered on fostering closer collaboration between the two nations, particularly in the realm of private sector trade and economic activity.

The Uzbek delegation expressed a strong desire to expand trade relations with Bangladesh. They welcomed the prospect of increased Bangladeshi exports to Uzbekistan and showcased their keen interest in establishing joint ventures. Additionally, the discussions explored avenues for facilitating greater business interaction between the two countries. This focus on private sector engagement highlights a shared vision for a mutually beneficial economic partnership.

This meeting signifies a positive step towards a more robust economic relationship between Uzbekistan and Bangladesh. By harnessing the dynamism of the private sector, both nations stand to gain from increased trade flows, joint ventures, and enhanced business interactions. The future appears promising for Uzbek-Bangladeshi economic cooperation, and this high-level meeting serves as a testament to the commitment of both sides to unlocking its full potential.

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